VTC Halls of Residence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Accommodation Application

Q1. How many residential Halls are there in VTC?
A1. There are two student residential halls in VTC, one in Tsing Yi, one in Pokfulam.
Q2. How many places are provided in the Halls of Residence “the Halls”?
A2. The Halls provides around 1,000 residence places.  The respective numbers of places provided (on double occupancy basis) are:
Halls (Tsing Yi)  Halls (Pokfulam) 
around 800 places  around 100 places
  Under the COVID-19 pandemic situation, only single occupancy places will be offered in AY2021/22.  While changing all existing double rooms to single occupancy, the estimated number of places available will be greatly reduced.
Q3. Who can apply for the Halls?
A3. Pre-employed youth studying the following full-time programmes and preparing for transition from education to work can apply:
 Programme  Campus
 Master’s Degree  WMG
 Bachelor's Degree  THEi, SHAPE
 Higher Diploma (HD)  IVE, HKDI, CCI/ICI, MSTI
 Diploma of Foundation Studies (DFS)  IVE, YC
  * Offering of residence place will be subject to availability of places and demand
Q4. Is there a specified residence period of the Halls?
A4. Residence period of AY2021/22 is normally from September 2021 to June 2022 (10 months).
Q5. How much are the Hall fees?
A5. To reduce the risk of infection under the COVID-19, single occupancy will be offered in the Halls in AY2021/22.  
For AY2021/22, the monthly rental for a single occupancy is:
       HK$2,100 (Local students) / HK$3,200 (Non-local students)
Q6. When will be the payment due date of the Hall fees?
A6. Students will have to settle the payment by two installments (the 1st installment will be around July or August, and the 2nd will be around January next year).
Q7. Can I have preview of the Halls before I apply?
A7. The 360º VR Tour of the VTC Halls of Residence is available for your preview.  Please click HERE to access the VR Tour.
Q8. How will residence places be allocated?  Can I choose my roommate?
A8. For AY2021/22, residents of the same gender will be randomly assigned to share a standard unit of accommodation consisting of two adjacent single rooms (i.e. each being offered a single room).  Those who are studying at the same level and/or programme of study will be assigned together as far as possible. 
Residents may apply for room change after they moved in (application charges applied).  Applications should be submitted to the respective Hall Management Office.  However, there is no guarantee that such requests can be fulfilled at all times.
Q9. Is there any grace period for payment if I have financial difficulty?
A9. Students who have financial hardship in settling the Hall fees may consult the Hall Management Office for application for deferred payment of accommodation fee.  Application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Q10. In case I move out from Halls in the middle of the residence period, can the paid fees be refunded?
A10. Accommodation fee must be paid in full by the stated payment deadline and is non-refundable. No refund of accommodation fee will arise from late check-in or early withdrawal.
Q11. What are provided in the Halls for student residents?
A11. For AY2021/22, a standard unit of accommodation is a 2-person unit consisting of two adjacent rooms. Residents in the same unit will share a set of washroom and bathroom, with a single bed, writing desk, wardrobe provided to each of them.
In addition to the above room facilities, the Halls also provide the following common facilities: common areas, multi-purpose rooms, pantries, laundry machines, etc. (Note: Subject to the pandemic situation, some common areas/facilities may not be provided for use during the residence period.)
Q12. Who can be contacted for enquiries about the application for VTC Halls of Residence?
A12. Enquiries regarding the application for student residence should be directed to the responsible officers of the Hall Management Office:
 Office (Tsing Yi)  Office (Pokfulam)
 Tel: 2706 0397  Tel: 3746 3500
 Email: hall-tsingyi@vtc.edu.hk  Email: hall-pokfulam@vtc.edu.hk
  Or refer to the contact details HERE.
  Last updated on 7 January 2022


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