VTC Halls of Residence  –    Special Arrangements under COVID-19 Pandemic

職業訓練局學生舍堂   –    2019冠狀病毒病疫情下的特別安排

Residents should comply with the latest advice and guidelines on prevention of COVID-19 issued by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) (including the Health and Travel Advice) and check out its latest information regularly (https://coronavirus.gov.hk/eng).
宿生應遵守衛生防護中心發布的預防2019冠狀病毒病的最新建議和指引 (包括健康和旅遊指引),並定期瀏覽其網站 (https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/chi/) 以獲取最新資訊。 

The arrangement of student residence at the Halls of Residence (Halls) is subject to the development of COVID-19 pandemic situation in the community.  The Hall Management reserves the right to make any amendments as appropriate and necessary without prior notice.  Residents should pay attention to notices and emails for updates and announcements.
All residents must abide by the protocol and arrangements as set out below.  Your agreement is assumed once you check in at the Halls.  Any violations will be subject to disciplinary actions including but not limited to suspension of residence and/or expulsion from the Halls. 


To fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, collaborative effort from both staff and residents are important to prevent the spread of virus and for general health and safety in hall residence.

Entering the Halls 進入舍堂
1. All persons, including staff, students and contractors are required to submit an online health declaration form and have their body temperature checked at the hall entrance when entering the Halls.  Besides, they are required to wear a mask at all times in public places at the hall premises to protect themselves and others.
Anti-pandemic Measures 防疫措施
2. The Hall Management Office (HMO) will undertake the following measures as far as practicable for public health and hygiene 舍堂辦事處將盡可能採取以下措施,以確保公眾健康和衛生:
  •  Hand sanitizers provided in the common areas and lift lobbies 在公共區域和電梯大堂提供消毒搓手液;
  • Air purifiers provided in the common areas, if necessary 必要時於公共區域放置空氣淨化機;
  • Desk partitions provided to support social distancing in the pantry, if necessary 必要時於茶水間提供桌面隔板以保持社交距離;
  • Common areas / facilities may be closed, and with limited capacity for dining tables 公共區域 / 設施或會暫停使用,並限制餐桌同坐人數;
  • Common areas disinfected at regular intervals 定期消毒公共區域;
  • Student rooms disinfected upon request or as needed 按要求或需要消毒學生房間;
  • No-visitor policy is enforced, until further notice 禁止訪客進入舍堂,直至另行通知;
  • Hall activities may be arranged in various formats 以不同形式進行舍堂活動。
3. Residents are encouraged to take the following measures at the Halls 舍堂辦事處鼓勵宿生採取以下措施:
  • Keep room clean, tidy and ventilated (e.g. open the windows as far as possible) 保持房間清潔、整齊及通風 (如盡量打開房間窗戶);
  • Maintain good personal hygiene and conduct self-checks to monitor health condition 保持良好的個人衛生及作自我檢測,以監察健康狀況;
  • Keep social distancing, minimize face-to-face activities and avoid mass gathering 保持社交距離,減少面對面的活動及避免群眾集會;
  • Stay on the same floor as far as possible 盡量留在同一樓層;
  • Avoid group gathering or sharing of food or drinks 避免聚集及共享食物或飲品;
  • When feeling unwell or showing respiratory symptoms, see doctor and get medication and advice as soon as possible, and avoid any gathering as far as possible 當感到不適或出現呼吸道感染症狀時,請盡快看醫生及按指示服藥,及盡可能避免聚會。
4. Residents are advised to report to the HMO / Assistant Wardens if you are the confirmed / suspected case of COVID-19, or close contact of confirmed / suspected case as soon as possible for necessary arrangements. 如宿生已被確診 / 懷疑確診,或是確診 / 疑似個案的密切接觸者,請盡快通知舍堂辦事處 / 助理舍監,以作安排。
Check-in and Stay at the Halls 入住舍堂
5. For check-in at the Halls, all residents are required either (i) to have taken two dose COVID-19 vaccination or (ii) to present a valid proof of a negative PCR test result (conducted within 72 hours) upon check-in.  All COVID-19 vaccines or tests endorsed by the HKSAR Government are accepted#.  Residents should submit valid proof of the above upon check-in. During their stay at the Halls afterwards, residents are required to take the PCR test every 3 days onwards at their own expense, while those who have been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days (i.e. 14 days after their COVID-19 second dose vaccination in a 2-dose series) can be exempted from the regular testing.
宿生在入宿前必須 (一) 已接種兩劑新冠疫苗 或 (二) 出示有效的新冠病毒陰性檢測證明 (於入宿前72小時內進行)。所有2019冠狀病毒疫苗 / 病毒檢測須經香港特別行政區政府認可#。宿生須於入宿時提供以上有關證明文件以完成辦理入宿手續。期後在入住舍堂期間,宿生須每隔3天自費進行新冠病毒檢測,至於已經完成接種新冠疫苗超過14天 (即在兩劑系列的第二劑新冠疫苗接種後14天) 的宿生可獲豁免定期檢測。
 Local Residents subject to Compulsory Quarantine 受強制檢疫的本地宿生
5a. Residents subject to the compulsory quarantine per instruction and advice from the CHP, are not allowed to arrive and check in at the Halls until completion of quarantine period, and a valid proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result is available (conducted within 72 hours). 根據衛生防護中心要求接受強制檢疫的宿生不能進入舍堂及辦理入宿手續。直至隔離期完成,宿生可提供已接種新冠疫苗的紀錄 或 出示於入宿前72小時內進行的新冠病毒陰性檢測證明,以安排入宿。
Local Residents subject to Compulsory Testing 受強制檢測的本地宿生
5b. Residents subject to testing under the compulsory testing notices by the CHP (including but not limited to residents present at specified premises and high risk / high exposure groups, receiving a medical practitioner’s compulsory testing direction, being identified as close contacts of confirmed cases of COVID-19, etc.) should follow the instruction and advice from the CHP on necessary arrangements and adhere to compulsory COVID-19 testing requirement as instructed.  Please contact the HMO for special arrangement on an individual case basis.  A valid proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result (conducted within 72 hours) before check-in at the Halls is required for any cases.
根據衛生防護中心要求進行強制檢測的宿生 (包括但不限於在特定場所和高風險 / 高接觸群組中出現、已接受醫生的強制檢測指示或被確認為確診個案的密切接觸者等),須遵從有關建議和指示並完成檢測。請聯絡舍堂辦事處為個別情況進行特别安排。在任何情況下,宿生須於入宿時提供已接種新冠疫苗的紀錄 或 出示於入宿前72小時內進行的新冠病毒陰性檢測證明。 
Residents Entering Hong Kong via “Return2HK Scheme”  經「回港易」或「來港易」返港的宿生
  Residents entering Hong Kong via the “Return2HK Scheme” or “Come2HK Scheme”(i.e. those exempted from quarantine arrangement of the HKSAR Government (Government)) should exercise self-medical surveillance every day for 14 consecutive days after entry to Hong Kong*; and:
  1. email the screenshot of the successful reservation of the Return2HK or Come2HK Scheme’s quota to the HMO to confirm the expected check-in date;
  2. upon checking in at the Halls, present the “Green QR Code” (generated by the electronic health declaration system of the Department of Health for entry into Hong Kong); and
  3. a valid proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative PCR test result obtained on the 12th day testing following the arrival at Hong Kong in accordance with the arrangement by the Government**.
經「回港易」或「來港易」返港的宿生(即獲香港特別行政區政府(下稱政府) 豁免檢疫的人士)應在入境後的連續14天進行自我醫學監察*; 及:
  1. 電郵至舍堂辦事處已成功預約的「回港易」或「來港易」名額的屏幕截圖,以確認預計入宿日期;
  2. 於入宿時出示「綠色二維碼」 (透過衞生署電子健康申報系統獲取);及
提供已接種新冠疫苗的紀錄 或 從抵港第12天按政府要求進行檢測並從中獲得的新冠病毒陰性檢測證明**。
Residents (Both Local & Non-local) Entering Hong Kong under Quarantine Order 入境香港且須接受強制檢疫的本地及非本地宿生
Residents receiving Quarantine Order issued by the Government (i.e. entering Hong Kong not via the “Return2HK Scheme”) should:
  1. adhere to the Government’s quarantine requirement at an appropriate place of stay (e.g. designated hotel at own expenses or the Government’s quarantine facility);
  2. email the screenshot of the Quarantine Order signed and issued by the Government to the HMO; 
  3. conduct compulsory testing requested by government authority at designated Community Testing Centre after quarantine order is completed.  Residents must provide the first testing proof from the testing centre, with negative results upon check-in; and
  4. the immigration record in the past 21 days (e.g. inbound travel ticket and entry date to Hong Kong as shown in passport) if applicable. 
  1. 正接受政府發出檢疫令的宿生 (如非經「回港易」入境香港的人士) 應在合適的住宿地點 (如自費的指定檢疫酒店或政府隔離設施) 進行政府的檢疫要求;
  2. 電郵至舍堂辦事處政府簽署及發出的檢疫令屏幕截圖;
  3. 完成隔離令後,在指定的社區檢測中心進行政府當局要求的強制檢測。宿生入住時,必須提供測試中心的第一份陰性測試證明;及
  4. 過去21天的入境記錄 (如機票及護照所示的入境日期),如適用。
Confirmed / Suspected Case during Stay 住宿期間確診 / 懷疑確診
6. When any confirmed / suspected COVID-19 case is reported in the Halls, advice from the CHP would be sought, and actions would be taken as instructed, which may include temporary relocation of rooms, immediate lockdown or suspend entry of the Halls, compulsory quarantine or COVID-19 testing arrangements of affected residents, etc.  Residents will be required to follow the instructions given by HMO / Assistant Wardens, and CHP.  Disinfection of concerned rooms and common areas will be carried out immediately.  Hall operations will resume normal subject to health conditions and COVID-19 test results of the residents concerned.  The actual arrangements may be adjusted subject to the advice from the CHP and Estates, Health & Safety Division of the VTC.  The HMO will notify all residents of any relevant updates promptly.
當在舍堂發現確診 / 懷疑確診個案時,舍堂會應衛生防護中心的建議及指示採取行動,包括臨時房間搬遷、立即封鎖或禁止進入舍堂、强制檢疫或安排受影響宿生進行新冠病毒檢測等。宿生須遵守舍堂辦事處 / 助理舍監及衛生防護中心的指示。有關房間和公共區域會立即進行消毒。恢復舍堂正常運作將取決於有關宿生的健康狀況及其新冠病毒檢測結果。實際安排會因應衛生防護中心及職業訓練局產業管理及健康安全科的建議作出調整。舍堂辦事處將盡快通知宿生最新的情况。

#   Recognized COVID-19 vaccines / 認可2019冠狀病毒病疫苗

    Recognized COVID-19 tests / 

*   Please observe the points listed in the “Health Monitoring Checklist for Inbound Travellers” issued by the Department of Health.

** Eligible residents for the “Return2HK Scheme” or “Come2HK Scheme will be subject to additional compulsory COVID-19 tests following their arrival at  Hong Kong (https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/return2hk-scheme.html#healthchecklist). 經「回港易」或「來港易」返港的宿生須於抵港後接受強制檢測 (https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/chi/return2hk-scheme.html#healthchecklist)。

注意: 如以上中文譯本與英文文義有異,概以英文文本為準。       Last updated 更新於 24 January 2022
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