What's New

  1. Application for Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi) in AY2022/23(Long-Stay Year-Long Application)
  2. 3-month Hall Life Experiential Programme

Please refer to Application for Residence for details

Target students:

  1. Full-time students studying Master Degree (WMG), Degree (SHAPE & THEi), HD and DFS programmes and non-local students
  2. Part-time students studying Degree, HD and DFS programmes. (Students will be required to move out if they are no longer VTC student during the accommodation period and all paid fees are non-refundable) 


  1. Pro-rata hall fee payment
  2. Check-in date is subject to verified payment of accommodation fee
  3. Hall Management Office will contact the applicants and confirm the check-in arrangements
  4. Short-stay Incentive Scheme for 3-month Hall Life Experiential Programme

Please stay tuned to our page for the latest updates

Last updated on 1 January 2023

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