VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi&Pokfulam) Application for Student Residence

Application for Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi&Pokfulam) in AY2023/24 (Long-Stay)


1. Eligibility:

This round admission target on new intake and progressing students of the following programmes:

a. Full-time students studying Master Degree (WMG), Degree (SHAPE & THEi), HD and DFS programs and non-local students.

b. Part-time students studying Degree, HD and DFS programs. (Students will be required to move out if they are no longer VTC student during the accommodation period and all paid fees are non-refundable.)

c. Only full-time students from HTI/ CCI/ ICI can fulfil the eligibility of applying the Halls of Residence (Pokfulam).

2. Submit Online Application:

a. Before submission of application, please read the Important Notes for Application.

b. Please provide all information required on the application form. Failure to provide adequate information may result in delay in processing or your application not being considered.

c. Each student should submit only one application via the online application.

d. Owing to limited room availability, there is no guarantee that an applicant will be allocated a residence place.

e. Applicants start date and check-in date:

Application start date: 16 June 2023 

Check-in date: from 1 September 2023 and the 1st and 15th of every month

f. Accommodation fee of hall fee:

Hall fee payment will be calculated on pro-rata basis, no refund of accommodation fee will arise from late check-in or early withdrawal.


Monthly Room rate in AY2023/24

Level of study



Local Students


Non-local Students

Part-time Students

Master’s degree

Shared occupancy




Single occupancy




Bachelor’s Degree, HD & DFS

Shared occupancy




Single occupancy





There are 2 installments for year-long residence with the monthly room rate.

The 1st installment is for the period from September 2023 to March 2024 (7 months).

The 2nd installment is for the period from April to June 2024 (3 months).

Pro-rata hall fee will be counted for the check-in after September.

Single occupancy is currently unavailable.

Application for Residence:

Student Type 


3-month Hall Life Experiential Programme

1-month Study Accommodation Plan

Full-time students of Master Degree



 E -form

Full-time students of Bachelor's Degree, Higher Diploma and Diploma of Foundation Studies

Please login to MyPortal to submit application

(Select “Application for VTC Halls of Residence” from the MyPortal menu bar)


E -form

Part-time students of Bachelor's Degree, Higher Diploma and Diploma of Foundation Studies



E -form


If you have any enquiries or enquiry for Hall tour, please feel free to call Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi) Management Office at 2706 0397 or email to

Last updated on 5 September 2023